Bitcoin makes its premier in Premier League

On Sunday the English football club Watford FC flashed their Bitcoin jerseys for the first time.

Kryptografen goes to Baltic Honeybadger 2019, Bull Market Edition

We spent the weekend in Riga, Latvia, listening and talking about all things Bitcoin.

Arcane Research launches The Weekly Update

How is the crypto market looking this week? What are the major stories driving prices? Dive into The Weekly Update by Arcane Research.

Wilfried Pimenta de Miranda on the future of IoT and IOTA in Norway

Mobility, energy, smart cities, industrial IoT. We sat down with Wilfried Pimenta de Miranda, Business Development Director of the IOTA Foundation, to discuss his role and projections for loT and IOTA’s future in Norway.

Launching air-cooled mining rigs!

Northern Bitcoin uses 100% green mining technology that is currently powered by hydro.

Manipulating bitcoin searches from Romania?

A huge leap in Google Search for “BTC” this past week. The levels are far above the peak levels seen when the price was at its highest in 2017.

Institutional players dive into crypto

What do HSBC, Franklin Templeton, Sparebanken Øst and VanEck have in common? They have all announced crypto projects and investments this week.

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