How do institutional players view the crypto market? This report analyzed typologies and views from Binance’s VIP and institutional clients, and found that traders expect bitcoin to maintain a considerable market dominance by the end of 2019. It also showed an increased interest in staking. (Binance Research)

Should exchanges use the rollback mechanism under exceptional circumstances? History has shown different examples of rollback and reimbursement from exchanges after unexpected and abnormal price wicks. @zhusu and @hasufl take you through some historical events and discuss how exchanges should handle this in the future. (Deribit Insight)

Larger transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain? Another week with negative price action in the crypto market, but there are indications of larger transactions occurring on the Bitcoin blockchain. (Arcane Research)

Are exchanges faking their trading volume? This article dives into a mathematical rule called Benford’s law and discuss how it can be used to get information about real and fake volume on crypto exchanges. (BitMEX Research)

What are decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs)? This piece examines the current status quo, proposes a working taxonomy of DAOs, and looks at relevant industry efforts. (Binance Research)

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