On stage

Microsoft has invited the press and other players to an event on September 12, 2019, in Oslo, Norway (click here for registration). According to the agenda, they will present a collaboration with the scaling solution Nahmii. The Norwegian Block Exchange (NBX) will be on stage talking about its new crypto exchange and product development. They were the first member of the Nahmii Foundation.

The company behind Nahmii is Hubii Network, and you can learn more about this project by reading our interview with CEO Jacobo Toll-Messia.

At the event, the three companies will give individual presentations. Microsoft will talk about how they work with blockchains. Hubii / Nahmii will talk about specific areas of application in their scaling solution and the Norwegian Block Exchange will, among other things, explain why they chose to join the Nahmii Foundation.

To wrap it up, Microsoft and Nahmii step on stage to present a partnership between the two. According to the invitation, they will also show test results of the scaling solution, which should be world-class on the number of transactions per second it can handle.

News hitting the market

News of the partnership with Microsoft, is the third big news Hubii has released about Nahmii in recent weeks. They announced plans to distribute Nahmii through an IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) on ​​the Japanese Liquid Exchange, then came the news that the Norwegian Block Exchange will be the first member of the Nahmii Foundation.

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