Initial Exchange Offering at Liquid

The nahmii team just announced, together with Liquid in Japan, that they are planning for an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) in September. Liquid is among the top 5 exchanges in the world according to Cointelligence, and fully regulated by Japanese authorities, with all the necessary licenses to operate as a crypto exchange. When GRAM (Telegram) raised $850 million in a token sale, they did so on Liquid.

An IEO is a way for token projects to raise money, but also to get more users and token holders. All decentralized projects need a dispersed holding structure on their tokens.

After the IEO is concluded, nahmii tokens will listed on The Liquid Exchange. The parent company token HBT is already listed on HitBTC. Owners of the HBT token receive 50% of all airdropped nahmii tokens from the nahmii foundation, and thus becomes closer to a holding structure to receive ten years of monthly airdrops.

Plans for the future

As the nahmii team released their plans for an IEO today, they also launched a new web page with updated roadmap and white paper. The keyword for the future is interoperability.

The company’s aiming for transactions on the Bitcoin network in Q1 2020, in addition to the Ethereum network they use today. This means that nahmii want to be a bridge for two blockhains in a seamless , quick and cheap way. In Q3 2020, they want to port the scaling solution to Facebooks Libra.

What is nahmii and who is hubii?

Hubii Network is a media tech company that started out as content aggregators to big telcos and other media companies to the tune of 50 million users. In 2017, they set out to create a blockchain eco system for content, by launching their native token HBT.

For their idea to work, Hubii needed a commercial viable scaling solution. After looking at several other blockchain projects, they came to the conclusion that none of the projects were anywhere near what they needed. Keywords are: Throughput, Latency, Transaction Finality, Fee Predictability.

They needed to build their own scaling solution, which they called nahmii. (The name for water in Thailand).

From the nahmii web page:

“nahmii is a revolutionary Layer-2 scaling protocol for the Ethereum blockchain, which provides unrivalled throughput, low latency, instant finality and predictable fees. Using smart contracts, nahmii’s non-custodial system ensures that user’s funds are always safe. The system is live and ready to build on today, with plans to bring nahmii’s raw scaling power to both Bitcoin and Libra in the near future.”

Disclaimer: The Editor of Kryptografen owns HBT tokens, and has done so since their ICO in 2017.