Guest writer of this post is Christopher Vonheim, Co-founder of BYNN.

How my passion for Bitcoin led me to Pomp

Ever since I saw a documentary about bitcoin on the Norwegian TV channel NRK many years ago, I have been thrilled by the technology and the network bitcoin managed to create after the discontent surrounding the financial crisis.

Therefore, sitting in New York a few years later to record a BYNN podcast about bitcoin with Anthony Pompliano just shows that a genuine interest can lead you to many places in life. So what was the motivation behind visiting Pomp?

In essence, Bitcoin – after doomed dead by journalists and celebrity economists – has proven to be more resilient than ever. And this is impressive since the price is volatile and unpredictable and difficult to compare with anything else in the past – such as gold.

Pomp has won a major media position in the United States, and is regularly on CNBC to talk about Bitcoin, Libra, the trade war and the possible financial crisis. A bit of the success that Pomp tells a lot about in the podcast is how easily he tries to communicate with his audience. He has no intention of explaining neither Bitcoin nor blockchain in detail, but would rather try to reach as many people as possible who do not yet know enough about Bitcoin.

In the conversation we also spend some time talking about Norway. Personally, I was quite disappointed that the government chose to remove the electricity tax exemption which could potentially create a whole new industry in Norway.

I have said it before, and I will say it again: It is hardly a coincidence that Norway does not create as many tech companies as Sweden and Finland. And what certainly does not help, are these kind of regulations that create great uncertainty and weaken Norway’s reputation as a safe country to operate in. Pomp also has very exciting thoughts on this that may be worth sharing with all relevant politicians in Norway!

If you want to hear or watch the interview you can do so on youtubespotifysoundcloud or apple podcast.

In the BYNN podcast with Pomp we talk about:

  • Pomp’s journey from a soldier in Iraq to one of the most respected and known bitcoin experts in the world.
  • Why Pomp decided to leave Facebook to start his own VC fund.
  • How he discovered Bitcoin.
  • The common myths about Bitcoin.
  • Why it’s a bad idea from The Norwegian Government to stop the mining activity in Norway. 
  • Why simplicity is an underrated concept when talking about Bitcoin and blockchain
  • What Pomp has learned from his partners Mark Yusko and Jason Williams.
  • How Pomp likes to describe Bitcoin to people.
  • How much Bitcoin each individual should have in their portfolio.