Kryptografen sat down with co-founder and CEO of the Digital asset community development company, of The Collective, Dominic Bacon. The Collective specializes in educating and growing cryptocurrency projects communities. They do this through their own native exchange, which gives awareness and knowledge on cryptocurrency projects. Their benefits also include a content creation program, full marketing department, C-Level management consulting, just to name a few. Their clients include Javvy, xDAC, and Chaincreator. 

In this interview, we discussed how the idea for the project came up, their typical clients and the future for The Collective.  

What is the value proposition for your clients?

One of many advantages The Collective has over the competition is that The Collective works for the native token of the project. We don’t charge a penny in fiat currency which is extremely attractive to many projects struggling with seed liquidity. We also include a listing of the projects token on our which can be a struggle to be listed for many.

How did this idea come to mind?

Both of the founding members David Payton and I, were the original admins for the Electroneum ICO back in 2017 which still boasts the biggest ICO participation by user numbers to date. Both David and I saw a need for such activities with a number of other projects which we knew we could assist so The Collective was born. 

Are you doing good business, breaking even? 

It’s no surprise to say that it’s been a tough couple of years for the market as a whole but we are still in business. We are building quite the portfolio of project tokens and hold the assets within the company, minus the number of tokens we pay our social engineers of course. Having support from our partner, we are able to maintain our business model going forward and look to the fruits of the future. We are still seeking further funding for marketing and further upgrades to TraderOne and have equity of 20% on offer so any interested parties please feel free to email me at

What is your typical client?

The Collective looks for quality rather than quantity and will only take on projects that they fully believe in and support. It can be a project of just a few developers to companies with a global presence. We do work 24/7 after all, so we can cover any and every timezone.

Dominic Bacon

How would a project approach you, how do you pick partners to work with?

In all honesty, projects predominantly approach The Collective, as word of mouth within the space goes the distance. We also, have our own pitch deck giving detailed rationale to our business model and endeavors. 

Can you say anything about the cost structure?

So as previously mentioned we charge our clients in the native token of the project we are managing. This has a number of advantages including Liquidity, Escrow agreements, Exchange listings, multinational unbanked work opportunities, just mention a few. The risk is on The Collectives side so it is in our acute interest to see the project succeed. 

Where do you see The Collective five years in the future?

We continue to grow The Collective into further regions such as Asia and South America. In view of having a truly global reach in achieving our goals of a more trusted and secure space. We want to have a truly global reach, to achieve our goals of a more trusted and secure space. 

If you have an idea and develop it into an actual project/company and need further ideas, growth, support and a token/coin listing The Collective is a company you will want to contact:  

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