January 14th 2016, Joseph Poon and Thaddeus Dryja released the white paper for the ‘Bitcoin Lightning Network’. The purpose of the Lightning Network is to enable instant, high-volume (micro)payments. Essentially the Lightning Network makes it easy to buy things instantly with Bitcoin. 

On Bitcoin twitter, the Lightning network is everywhere. The lightning emoji has become a trademark for the system, but why is it that a cartoonized lightning has become “the logo”? Is it out of laziness? We asked the creator of the network, Joseph Poon, if there was an “official logo” for the network:

‘Not as far as I know! Maybe one will become the most common.’

We write about the lightning network often, as well as presentations and would love to have a logo. Everyone in the world knows the friendly looking orange bitcoin logo. It’s about time people get to know the lightning network as well, and for that, a unique logo would help a lot.

We would therefor challenge you to come up with your vision for a potential lightning logo. One that can help accelerate the awareness of this awesome technology.

Send your best suggestions either on twitter or at post@kryptografen.no, so we can compile and share the different suggestions!

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