Getty Image: Fire crews are battling to protect homes in the path of the fires

Since the start of 2020, we have been hearing about the tragic fires taking place in Australia. So far at least 28 people have died nationwide, in the state of New South Wales more than 3,000 homes have been destroyed or damaged. 

The fires have torn through bushland, national parks and smoked has even started covering urban areas. In total, more than 7.3 million hectares have been burned across Australia’s six states. About half a billion animals have also been affected due to these fires. 

So far the state and federal authorities have been working to combat the fire crisis for moths. Unfortunately, it does not seem that the end of this disaster is near. Australia has a long summer season and they are only half-way through it. January and February are the peak temperature seasons, so it could be many months before these fires letup. 

Crypto for a cause

This is where Crypto Fire Alliance steps in. It is an alliance that is challenging the global cryptocurrency community, to unite, help out, and showcase the strength and compassion of the Australian ecosystem. The Crypto Fire Alliance is a community network of projects, organizations and individuals acting in support of and Finder and HiveEx have each been granted lawful authorization to raise funds on behalf of the nominated charities or associations identified at

The funds that they will collect will be converted into AUD and donated equally between the NSW Rural Fire Service Association, Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief, and Recovery Fund and WIRES.

The cryptocurrencies are making it possible to raise funds globally to offer assistance in major disasters. Using crypto they manage to reduce transaction fees and more money can go to the cause. Finder and HiveEx are in a position of being able to leverage the market strength and raise awareness and funds for this cause. Donate your different cryptocurrencies to the appropriate wallets on this page.

Kryptografen Competition

Kryptografen hosted a New Year’s Eve competition. Due to complications with the onboarding process to claim prizes. We had to come up with a new prize. With the unclaimed prizes and to those who decided to donate their prize, those will be donated to the Crypto Fire alliance. 

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