Northern Bitcoin

Frankfurt-based bitcoin mining firm, Northern Bitcoin, has successfully tested its new air-cooled mobile mining container for outdoor operations. The firm has created a 20-foot container, that can store 144 ASICS (application-specific integrated circuit) miners. 

The firm uses 100% green mining technology that is currently powered by hydro. They have mining farms in the Norwegian mountains of Måløy and in Frankfurt, Germany. 

Northern Bitcoin has secure data centers that are built in the smallest possible manner. The stations are cooled down by the water from the fjords nearby.

This new solution, will allow mining to be more do-able in the rest of Scandinavia, “The new air-cooled technology has been optimized for year-round cool locations,” said the firm’s CTO, Moritz Jäger, adding: “With the new container variant, we are thus extending our option to open up new locations in Scandinavia for our Bitcoin mining.”

The newer containers can use cold outside air for cooling. The air will be filtered through lamellae, that are mounted on the outer wall, which will then led through the container past the mining hardware. The warm air is then vented through the opposite wall. They will also use fans that have controlled by temperature sensors. 

Northern Bitcoin is thinking ahead. It is said that wind turbines will lose their EEG allowance by the end of 2020, which will make this wind energy more expensive to use. 

This is just one of the innovations and steps the company has taken to creating greener mining conditions.

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