Allowing our users to easily load cryptocurrency into their browser’s digital wallet is very powerful, as it connects the Web to a global internet-native payment network.

Head of Crypto at Opera browser, Charles Hamel. 

Norwegian based browser company, Opera, was the first browser to have a Web 3 capabilities, and a built-in crypto wallet across all of its mobile and desktop browsers. They have now made it easier for US users purchase cryptocurrencies using a debit cards or Apple Pay. 

This is in partnership with Wyre, a US cryptocurrency-brokerage firm that was founded in 2013. They now enable easy and secure crypto-purchases directly from the browser’s crypto wallet. iOS users can simply use Apple Pay. Opera Android users in the US can now buy BTC and ETH using a debit card.

This solution will make it possible to top up an account in less than 30 seconds with Apple Pay

In December 2018, Opera became the company first introduce the blockchain-enabled browser, Opera for Android, with built-in crypto wallet and Dapp explorer. Opera has since added a built-in crypto wallet to its desktop browser as well as to its IOS browser, Opera Touch.

This is an exciting feat for the Norwegian tech start-up

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