Arcane Research recently posted a blog post exploring the halving’s that Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV are going through in the coming week. 

Going through the technical reasons for the differentiation of these separate halvings. One being that,  “bitcoin has actually had a faster block generation and inflation rate than both BCH and BSV after the fork. Over the last year, bitcoin has had an average time of 9 minutes and 44 seconds between each block, significantly lower than the target of 10 minutes per block. This is the result of growing hash-rate in bitcoin. With difficulty adjustments happening only every 2 weeks (actually every 2016 block), the increase in difficulty has been lagging the growth rate.”

They also explore what the effects will be. “As the mining reward is halved on Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV we expect some miners to switch over to mining bitcoin. This will happen as the profitability of mining bitcoin will be higher, compared to mining BCH or BSV, all else equal.“

To find out more about the effects of these halvings, read the full post by clicking here!

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