Kryptografen is currently hosting a contest, where participants will guess the price of Bitcoin at midnight New Year’s Eve. We see, even early on in the competition, that some of the bets lie naturally enough on the outer edge, with some guesses that far above or below today’s course. The majority, on the other hand, have guessed that the Bitcoin exchange rate will only fall or rise 5% through December.

We have therefore looked at historical figures, to give you a small clue to how the Bitcoin course has behaved in the past. 

This graph shows developments from December 1 to December 31 and closing prices on New Year’s Eve in the respective years.

This overview makes little sense if you do not do a simple analysis such as an average.

In the period from December 1 to December 31, Bitcoin fell an average of -1.1%.

If you use this information to tell you something about this month, you get to $ 7,515 because the price on December 1, 2019, was $ 7,599. 

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