What’s the top crypto trends in 2019? @Melt_Dem and @marty_stenson guide you through 134 pages of in-depth reporting on the crypto space. Here they touch upon the macro picture, a shift from consumer to institutional, stablecoins, crypto derivatives, and a long list of other topics. (CoinShares)

Arbitrage opportunities in DeFi? Lead by @ObadiaAlex, the team at @CambrialCapital have explored potential trading strategies in fragmented and inefficient DeFi markets. They focus on yield arbitrage and cross-DEX arbitrage. (The Block)

Is the uncertainty back in the market? Bitcoin was among the worst performing cryptocurrencies last week. At the same time, Bakkt continues to set new records.
(Arcane Research)

Can bitcoin become a world reserve asset? @Rhythmtrader dives into seven network effects of Bitcoin, and explains why bitcoin’s price does not reflect its value today. (The Rhythm of Bitcoin)

Why did Coinbase recently change their confirmation requirements for Bitcoin? Mark Nesbitt, Security Engineer in Coinbase, take you through the concept of Proof of Work and two claims about the security of Proof of Work cryptocurrencies (Coinbase)

Is “fairness” in token distribution a thing? Building on last week’s piece on token distribution mechanisms, this article discusses fair distribution and how this can impacts a project’s ability to attract key contributors. (Smith & Crown)

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