Crypto Casino: The Rising Trend in Online Gambling

In the ever-evolving world of online gambling, a new trend has emerged that is revolutionizing the way people bet and play games of chance

Updates from the Norwegian CryptoCurrency Markets

The past few weeks have been eventful, with several new developments in the Norwegian cryptocurrency markets.

Bitcoin – innovative, disruptive and smart.

Bitcoin is a worldwide savings account in Cyberspace, whether you are rich or poor” Guest post from @vekstportef on #bitcoin

Tracking CO2 emissions with L2 scaling on Ethereum

How should traditional industries register and verify their CO2 emissions when it’s too expensive and slow to use traditional blockchains?

Increased interest from Wall Street

Oppenheimer hosted a Blockchain & Digital Assets Summit last week with over 200 portfolio managers. CEO of Arcane Crypto, Torbjørn Bull Jenssen, was one of the speakers. Watch the clip here!

Arcane Crypto to list its shares in a reverse takeover transaction

Arcane Crypto has signed a letter of intent to acquire the shares in Vertical Ventures, which is listed on Nasdaq First in Stockholm for a 30 million dollar takeover.

Villages in El Salvador rebuilds the community with Bitcoin

Bitcoin Beach is a bitcoin youth program in two villages in El Salvador, Punta Mango and El Zonte

Venezuelan government institution is now using BTCPay Server to accept bitcoin payments

Although this is big news, there are still some quirks that need to be sorted. For one, this option is not available for Venezuelans in Venezuela.

Komainu – a new custody solution

Safe and trustworthy custody solutions are an important prerequisite for institutional players to invest capital in cryptocurrency.

Reddit launches Community Points on Ethereum

By launching a competition for best scaling solution, Reddit has now revealed how they and their users, will make money in the future