Which Exchanges Will Definitely Survive the Global Panic?

Let’s take a look at some of the changes that are coming about from the crisis, and which exchanges are best to deal with.

Who is Liable for an Attack on Cryptocurrency Consensus?

The consensus mechanisms are crucial for reaching a consistent state of a cryptocurrency ledger in a decentralized manner. However, there are several ways to attack consensus. The technical aspects of such attacks have been well explored in the literature, but the legal consequences of such attacks have been less explored. Below we explore these legal consequences.

Why are online competitions so popular?

Knowledge and gambling games are as popular now as in the old days. Here you can read about why so many people take part in Christmas competitions.

Bitcoin isn’t really dead, on the contrary…

Traditional financial institutions are moving towards bitcoin, and cryptocurrency markets are steadily evolving.

Battle for the throne

Stablecoins are in popular demand and now tradingvolumes have surpassed Bitcoin!

Hedera Hashgraph — Time for some FUD

In order to keep this a magical and powerful beast of a base-layer functional and accessible to everyone, we throttle the amount of data it needs to process. That’s the whole shebang of modern cryptocurrency scaling efforts explained.

Currency Wars

Soon we’ll see how professional investors price risk between a weaponized and overprinted fiat currency versus a secure blockchain