Norges Bank is now considering a digital kroner

“We are now looking at whether it may become necessary to issue a central bank digital currency as a supplement to banknotes and coins, and we have started exploring possible technical solutions,” says the Deputy Governor.

Bitcoin remains stronger than the Norwegian krona

Bitcoin has plunged, but in Norwegian krona, bitcoin costs more now than at the beginning of the year.

New customers flock to IG during the corona crisis

Many are looking to hedge their current positions, but also those who want the opportunity to trade out of their position 24h a day

Is the media industry heading towards another iceberg?

More platforms wish to now connect ads directly with their audience by building a reward system for their attention.

The lightning company that raised 10 million USD

Operators with launch-ready products and new capital are now making Lightning Network mainstream

Who wins?

Bakkt goes against traditional banking and major players in the crypto market.

Bitcoin crushes the stock market

A sharp rise in high volume, with more institutional investors, is making Bitcoin reappear on the radar of investors and traders around the world.

Win a pool of interest rates

Pool Together is a new savings concept that guarantees your deposit back. They also give you the opportunity to win a pot of money in competition with other participants.

Will this be the year for non-fungible tokens?

What do Nike, Bayern Munich, Microsoft, and Axie Infinity have in common?

China’s digital currency is coming (WSJ)

The first major central bank issued digital currency is at our doorstep. That could mean trouble for Libra.