An ecosystem

Samsung have been experimenting with a variety of cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin solutions for their products. Now, they continue to embrace this technology with a new partnership.

Through Samsung’s own wallet, users will now be able to trade cryptocurrencies on the Gemini stock exchange. By integrating a recognized and regulated marketplace into its products, Samsung will create its own ecosystem for purchase, storage and use.

“Crypto is not a technology, it is a movement.” The founder of Gemini, Tyler Winklevoss is very clear during their joint press conference with Samsung.

“We are proud to work closely with Samsung to give users around the world greater opportunities in everyday life, using cryptocurrency.”

Early to the party

Samsung is early to the party, in the process of integrating crypto functionality onto their smartphones. Last year, they launched Blockchain Keystore, which is a hardwallet built into your mobile phone.

The partnership between Gemini and Samsung comes at a time, when cryptocurrencies and various cryptocurrencies have seen a clear increase in revenue and new users as a result of the COVID-19.

According to Gemini, the demand for crypto services has increased significantly from both private and institutional investors. They expect this to continue despite the pandemic lockdowns decreasing.

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