We have earlier looked at games that allow you to win sats, through the lightning network. Now, sMiles has opened their public beta version, which ups this and allows you to earn bitcoin for things you already do. Yes, you heard this right, there is now an app that allows you to get Bitcoin for things like, walking, running, biking and even watching movies. 

StandApp, the startup that ‘build a product that aims to make the world a healthier place’, are going to reward users with sats for doing everyday activities. The CEO of sMiles and SHAPE, Igor Berezovsky, states that this app will promote, ‘hyperbitzoinzation’ meaning mass adoption and promote healthy lifestyles. 

This is an app for everyone, not just Bitcoin users. It is simple, the app uses smartphones’ GPS location. How is this funded? The app will work with health insurers and advertisers – that will want to pay users for watching their content, or giving up their data.

The app will be available for iOS and Android as well as Apple Watch. They predict the full launch will be in mid-may.

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