This Sunday, MINTGOX, also known as Magic Internet Gathering had its first ever event. This presented to the world how video game tournaments could be like with in-game Bitcoin micro transactions, known as Lighting-gaming. Here they had three online games and a VR panel that was hosted by Udi Wetherimer

So now that it is basically socially unacceptable to be outside, due to the covid-19 epidemic, why not monetize on this time? It is the perfect time to test out some of the Blockchain, Lightning-Network games that are on the market. Here are just a few for you could try.

Learn & Play

There is a free phone app called Bitcoin Bounce. Where the goal is simply to bounce a ball onto different platforms. It is an easy to use application and concept that is mainly to teach bitcoin beginners about the ease of the Lightning Network. 

MLB Champions is a game where you play with Major League Baseball collectibles on the Ethereum blockchain. Here players can win games and draft new players from their favourite MLB teams. You   can play against other fans in simulated baseball games, earn rewards and authenticate fantasy collectibles. This also available in the App Store or on GooglePlay.

One game that is not yet available, but gives us something to look forward too is, Lightnite. Made by Satoshi’s Games, this will be a multiplayer battle-royale game. Players will be able to earn bitcoin instantly as they shoot opponents. All in-game items have a real value which players can use or trade, even cash out profits with lightning. 

We also have Axie Infinity. Once you download the community space, you can start collecting, raising, breeding and battling your fantasy creatures. Coming in all sorts of shapes and sizes, users can power-up via mini-games, quests, contests and other in-games events. 

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