Will the ECB launch its own cryptocurrency?

President of ECB Lagarde and France’s Finance Minister Le Maire, are together paving the way for a digital Euro, but it seems as though Tunisia has beaten them to the punch.

A Modern Reformation

Tuur Demeester has previously analyzed the similarities between BTC and the petroleum industry, search engines and P2P networks. Now he has compared the crypto market and the Protestant Reformation.

Online shopping with crypto increased in 2019

While many have condemned crypto-based e-commerce to an early death, activity has accelerated over the past year.

Episode 1 – A Trend Shift?

Kryptografen would like to introduce you to our newest series, Crypto Research Compiled. Here, we scope out the best and most relevant research from the past week and format it into a sleek and easy-to-listen-to package.

ChinaÔÇÖs crypto ambiguity

Blockchain in China is taking over headlines worldwide and making crypto assets increase in price, but what does it all really mean?

Quantum computing and cryptography

What does the rise of quantum computing really mean for Bitcoin?

What is a blockchain Oracle?

Oracles have a particularly important role to play in smart contracts.

Layer1 is bringing mining to the wild-wild west!

Next year this crypto company will be bringing mining to West Texas

A conversation with Dominic Bacon from The Collective

In this interview, we discussed how the idea for the project came up, their typical clients and the future for The Collective.