Ready for the chopping block: Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV

Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV will go through their halvings a month prior to Bitcoin’s halving.

Microsoft gets patent approved for new mining venture

The future is looking physical

Binance gets rid of leveraged tokens

The product turns out to be too complex for their users.

700% growth in Tethers gold backed token

Growing demand for commodity-backed gold tokens

HashCash for Corona

HashCash has a positive solution for the current crisis.

Are Hodlers buying BTC?

Arcane Research sees long-term investors buying bitcoin during Covid-19 epidemic.

Opera now makes it easier for US users to buy BTC and ETH

Purchase cryptocurrencies using a debit card or Apple Pay, directly in your web browser.

Safe Haven? Not so much

Wasn’t Bitcoin suppose to be an uncorrelated asset? Was hodl-ing the answer to fiscal ruin during a time of crisis? This leaves a lot of questions unanswered, and creates speculation and uncertainty in the Bitcoin realm.