RAC, also known as, 35-year-old, André Allen Anjor, is a 2017 grammy award winning recording artist from Portland, Oregon. Before the epidemic, RAC has announced on March 11th his tour that would accompany his new album. BOY, his third solo album which is to be released on May 8th. 

Yesterday, on twitter he announced that he would be launching a special project. This is in collaboration with Zora and Jack Spallone. Spallone has been working ‘music stuff w ETH’. In the tweet he introduced, $TAPE. As we wait for more details, people are starting to speculate. 

Ryan Sean Adams, is a crypto investor and founder of Mythos capital. He commented on his own twitter:

Regardless of what it can be, this is an interesting group of people. As for RAC, most of his tour seems to already be postponed or cancelled. He played. at the first virtual ‘Room Service Festival’ organized by Andy King, the producer of Frye Festival.

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