Stack Sats by doing what you’re already doing!

Sats + Miles = sMiles

The $ALEX Token may be the start of ISA with Crypto

“Five days later, he had sold for $20,000 among 30 participants.”

CME trading volume crosses $1 billion

CME trading volume is highest since 2019 peak.

Is the media industry heading towards another iceberg?

More platforms wish to now connect ads directly with their audience by building a reward system for their attention.

Regulatory clearty drives institutional interest in cryptocurrency

The 5AML directive creates increase in institutional interest in cryptocurrency licensing

Who wins?

Bakkt goes against traditional banking and major players in the crypto market.

Meet our winner!

Meet the winner of BiBoxEurope and Kryptografen’s New Year’s Eve competition!

Crypto Research Compiled

Kryptografen would like to introduce you to our newest series, Crypto Research Compiled. We scope out the best and most relevant research from the past week, and format it into a sleek and easy-to-read packaging.

China’s crypto ambiguity

Blockchain in China is taking over headlines worldwide and making crypto assets increase in price, but what does it all really mean?

What happens when the banks want to trade crypto?

On the 11th anniversary of Bitcoin White Paper publishing, an Irish man named Campbell Adams is bringing bitcoin to the banks.