• Why is the funding of open-source development important? Open-source software is non-proprietary and building a sustainable business model is challenging. @hasufl and @zhusu explore different funding mechanisms and look at the future of funding in Bitcoin. (Deribit Insight)
  • Is the ecosystem of staking compelling enough for widespread adoption? Ethereum is moving towards Proof of Stake (PoS). This report explains, analyzes and discusses staking. (Binance Research)
  • A trend shift may be on the line for bitcoin. Both trading volume, market sentiment and volatility seem to have bottomed out. (Arcane Research)
  • How should tokens get distributed at network genesis? New projects are exploring other designs than the classic token sale. Interactive airdrops are on the rise, targeting user groups based on network contribution or interest. (Smith & Crown)
  • The economies of scale for large miners make it harder for the average miner to compete. ASICs shifted the economics of mining, and some projects have tried to protect against this specialized mining hardware. Nonce distributions can give a potential look into the rise of ASIC mining on certain chains and the subsequent attempts to keep them at bay. (Coin Metrics)
  • What’s the outlook for bitcoin? @YanLiberman and @Kevin_Kelly_II highlights the relationship between price and open interest, the rebound in trading volume, how long-term holders stay strong,and exchange flows, in their monthly update. (Delphi Digital)
  • How is Bitcoin protected from manipulation of the block timestamps? Two little-known rules are the core of this article. In addition, the vulnerability with Bitcoin Cash’s time protection rule is discussed. (BitMEX Research)

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