Villages in El Salvador rebuilds the community with Bitcoin

Bitcoin Beach is a bitcoin youth program in two villages in El Salvador, Punta Mango and El Zonte

Komainu – a new custody solution

Safe and trustworthy custody solutions are an important prerequisite for institutional players to invest capital in cryptocurrency.

Update on the Norwegian crypto kidnapping case: Kryptografen has decoded the entire dialogue, between the parties, that took place over bitcoin

Kryptografen’s research reveals several interesting features of the dialogue, that have taken place via bitcoin transactions.

Shopify now allows merchants to take cryptocurrency payments

Shopify, announces their partnership with CoinPayments. This will allow all of its merchants to take cryptocurrency as payment.

Towards coronarally in cryptocurrencies

Money printing, digitalization and technology development will send the cryptocurrency market through the roof. However, the political risk in the asset class is considerable and will increase radically with mass adoption.

Paul Tudor Jones gives thumbs up to Bitcoin

“Bitcoin reminds me of gold when I first got into the business in 1976”

Argentines are dumping pesos for bitcoin

Arcane Research and Kryptografen are both owned by Arcane Crypto According to…

Freshly PRRrrrrrrrrrinted money moves into bitcoins

Americans receives stimulus checks and buys guns, tigers and bitcoin

Bull Bitcoin goes full-bull for Bitcoin halving

Bull Bitcoin lowers fees and increased buying entrance ahead of Bitcoin halving

How to catch a crypto criminal

We spoke to the Head of Research at Chainalysis, to learn about how they assisted with the PlusToken manhunt!