As the holidays approach, more people turn to podcasts. For some its entertainment on long journeys home, or to learn about something ‘mediocrely’ enough to talk about with around the dinner table. It gives some a way to escape from the torment that is the holidays. That is why we wanted to give our readers the gift that keeps on giving, a list of fun podcasts so we can all go into the new year. This way we will all get a deeper understanding of the crazy crypto world. Here are our favorites! 

The Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast
Trace Mayer, the host, was an advocate of bitcoin when it was priced at $0.25. He is a core investor in several core blockchain infrastructures. His show consists of him interviewing the top people in the industry about their experiences, jobs, and predictions. He has interviewed everyone from Dr.Adam Back, the CEO of Blokcstream, Caitlin Long, a Pension settlement expert and Saife Ammous, author of Bitcoin Standard. 

What Bitcoin Did
Peter McCormack launched his podcast in November 2017. Since then he has had over 100 episodes. With two episodes a week, McCormack interviews guests from every part of the industry. What makes his podcast interesting is that he covers all topics, from Cannabis to Sex Workers. Every month McCormack publishes his Income Report, this is to ensure that the audience knows that there are no conflicts of interest. He wants to prove that Bitcoin is trustworthy. 

Crypto Voices  
Hosted by Matthew Mežinskis and Fernando Ulrich crypto voices is an educational tool. For these guys, their primary interest in economics has always been monetary policy. These guys know their stuff and they are not afraid to say it, 

Off The Chain
Anthony Pomplinao also is known as ‘Pomp’ dissects what it is to be an intelligent investor today. Taking a critical look at both the new and old financial system and talking to a variety of guests. This podcast is sponsored by a variety of companies such as BlockFi, Coinmine, crypto.com an IOTA.  

What Grinds My Gears
Finally, some women in the picture.  Yes, you read it correctly. Meltem Demirors and Jill Carlson have a podcast about buzzworthy news taking place in the crypto world. Each week they have a new theme that they explore and examine. 

Into the Ether
This podcast distinguishes itself by being more Ethereum, less Bitcoin. Hosted by Eric Conner, it gives weekly news recaps and talks to a diverse audience. This is an interesting and new vibe.

Untold Stories 
Charlie Shrem is undoubtedly a Bitcoin legend. He was one of the first major players and if there is someone worth listening to it’s him. Charlie Shrem dives into the personal and professional lives of crypto’s other big players. He is sympathetic, honest and real. 

The Scoop 
The Block is a crypto news site that lives by the motto, ‘The first and final word in crypto’. Their podcast, ‘The Scoop’, is hosted by Frank Chaparro, the news director at The Block, is a lot more technical than the other podcasts on the list.  This is in the sense that it looks at deeper into issues within investment, competition, and politics. 

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