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Based in the Netherlands, the name Deribit comes from the first letters of the words Derivatives and Bitcoin = Deribit. 

A trading platform that processes solely BTC, that allows for individuals to engage in futures as well as options trading. Clients can also use Bitcoin to make deposits, withdrawals and collateralized trade. 

Traders have the chance to leverage up to 100x when they trade in Bitcoin futures. 

Available in over 100 countries, traders can take advantage of fee free deposits and withdrawals, and competitive trading fees.

Getting started 

To create an account, start by clicking here!

You will then start by entering your email address, create a username and password password. Then select your country of residence. 

Once this is complete, you will have to verify your email.

Then you are ready to make a deposit! You are able to add your funds on the top right on the page. You can then generate a deposit address, which will allow you to transfer Bitcoin onto your Deribit account. You will then have one confirmation before you can get trading. 

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