A global relief coin

HashCash Consultants has said that they will launch ‘Coronavirus Crypto Relief Fund – CFIX’ on April 2nd. The US-based global software company is launching this index that will allow traders to make profitable trades even in a bearish market. CFIX which is paired with USDT (Tether), and is built on a blockchain a platform leveraging the security and transparency that comes with the technology. Post-launch it will be listed on major exchanges across the world, so that the traders can access it easily. 

S&P500 falls, nonprofits receives money

Being inversely pegged by the S&P 500 market index, it is backed by an inverse-exchange traded fund (ETF), that is the USP of HashCash’s new crypto. Traders will earn profits even during a corona-crisis induced bear market. 90% of the CFIX trade earnings goes to its Corona Relief Fund; where the proceeds will be donated to various nonprofits and organizations that are actively combating the global pandemic.

“The inception of CFIX was motivated by HashCash’s aim to provide financial aid to nonprofits and research organizations battling the COVID-19 crisis. The ETF backing incentivizes CFIX, which benefits not only the traders but enables us to raise more funds for all who are affected by Novel Coronavirus, which is the ultimate goal of this initiative.”

Raj Chowdhury, the CEO of HashCash commented, 

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