Bitcoin and Friends

Earlier this year, Bitcoin and Friends released the first episode of their eight part-animated web series. 

The comical and sometimes crass episodes take us through the awakening of Bitcoin into a chaotic world of the 2008 financial crisis. His father, Satoshi disappears, leaving Bitcoin to question the world he has been brought into. Jones, an ice cream truck owner takes Bitcoin under his wing to help him find his father.

The mission of the show is to educated pre-coiners on the history of Bitcoin and why it is the best hope for the future. So far they have three episodes released and are hoping to raise funds to release episode 4 shortly. 

Sponsored by Reasons to use Bitcoin, Celsius Network and Loom Network, they are still looking for funding to release episode 4.

Check out the first episode here:

Tears of a Clown – Episode 1 | Bitcoin and Friends

Check out the second episode here:

Existence Crisis – Episode 2 | Bitcoin and Friends

Check out the third episode here:

The Silky Road – Episode 3 | Bitcoin and Friends

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