Peer-to-peer bitcoin trading is growing rapidly in Kenya

Arcane Research and Kryptografen are both owned by Arcane Crypto In this…

Trade Bitcoin for Gold with Paxful

Paxful, a P2P bitcoin exchange, now allows users to transact in gold.

P2P Binary Options?

TRIBTC is the world’s first platform offering P2P binary options trading. This might seem a bit complicated, but if you are lost don’t fret, we will explain.

Episode 3 -Trading volume denominated in BTC declined since 2012?

Kryptografen would like to introduce you to our newest series, Crypto Research Compiled. Here, we scope out the best and most relevant research from the past week and format it into a sleek and easy-to-listen-to package.

Manipulating bitcoin searches from Romania?

A huge leap in Google Search for “BTC” this past week. The levels are far above the peak levels seen when the price was at its highest in 2017.