Veriphi – Creating a community and protection around bitcoin

There are a lot of possible threats and attacks risks when it comes to your bitcoins. However, your biggest enemy is probably you.

This is Ontology

What is the Ontology token, and what crypto exchange is promoting it in Europe?

Do crypto traders take the weekend off?

Cryptomarkets never close. Yet, looking at the numbers, Arcane Research show that traders are significantly more active midweek than during weekends.

Will Bitcoin drop 10% before support?

According to Nicola Duke, Bitcoin appears to be forming a bear flag, which means another drop might be imminent.

Is Blockchain in supply chains really that great?

A guide to blockchain in supply chains. Is it really as good as it seems?

Analyst see 20% upside XRP

Ripple (XRP) Long-Term Outlook: XRP/USD Will Eventually Go to the Supply Zone at $0.30 from $0.24

Banks will be forced to play catch-up as Sygnum becomes the first digital asset bank

What does digital asset banking really mean? We sat down with the co-founder of Sygnum, Mathias Imbach and discussed what receiving the FINMA license means for them.

La Bitcoineta

Driving from city to city, telling tales of great treasures, that are accessible online and can hold great value. The van, the legend, is called La Bitcoineta and brings joy to everyone who crosses its path.

Are institutional investors manipulating the bitcoin price?

Bitcoin price falls on average 2% ahead of futures contracts on CME being settled. Arcane Research has looked closely at the numbers, and the systematic trend is striking; the price has dropped 15 out of 20 times.

What is happening to Ethereum?

Ethereum has skyrocketed over the past week, and up about 20% in September. This is mainly due to two applications that have increased over the summer.