Kryptografen goes to Baltic Honeybadger 2019, Bull Market Edition

We spent the weekend in Riga, Latvia, listening and talking about all things Bitcoin.

Arcane Research launches The Weekly Update

How is the crypto market looking this week? What are the major stories driving prices? Dive into The Weekly Update by Arcane Research.

Travelling from Norway to USA, BYNN co-founder interviews Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano in NYC.

Christopher Vonheim, co-founder of BYNN, traveled from Northern Norway to New York to interview a superstar in the crypto space.

The definitive guide to open banking

We are approaching an inflection point where we treat open banking as a natural component of banking in a digital age.

Bitcoin’s reported market dominance is approaching 70%, but in reality it is above 90%

An analysis by Arcane Research shows how the real market dominance of bitcoin is way higher than what is traditionally reported.

Strong lead-lag relationships between crypto exchanges in the bitcoin market

A new study by Arcane Research, High Frequency Lead-Lag Relationships in The Bitcoin Market, indicates strong lead-lag relationships in the bitcoin market. One exchange lag the others with as much as 15 seconds on average.

Four ‘Killer apps” that will take Crypto into the Mainstream

The crypto market is still in need of ‘killer apps’. These are the apps that will make the mass market start to use crypto in scale.

Bitcoin Opens New Doors for Energy Utilization

Bitcoin could be the key to utilizing our energy sources in a better way. This is starting to take place in the oilfields in North American and can easily end up happening in the oil platforms in the North Sea.