How it all started

Kryptografen met with Totte Löfström, CEO of Trijo News and soon to be launched Trijo Crypto Exchange. We learned more about how he started working with crypto and Trijos plan to conquer the European market with their new trading platform.

By education, Totte Löfström is a master in rhetoric. Working as a journalist for an online news media platform in Sweden a couple of years after graduation, he was first introduced to crypto in 2014. By 2018 he was ready to venture out and create a start-up in the ‘cryptosphere’. He was certain that the crypto community and services around this industry were going to continue to increase drastically, yet, he was unsure of the business he was going to start.  

‘The fact that crypto is a global and online market, makes it bound to be full of schemes and bad actors. I was first interested in creating a sort of verification system, which would weed out bad people and crypto websites. I let go of that idea and decided that I wanted to create my own regulated exchange that would be cleared of these obstacles.’ 

Quick onboarding

The main mission with Trijo Exchange is to make cryptocurrencies as accessible as possible. As of now with the test server, it only takes about three minutes to register, deposit and buy your first bitcoin, they will continue to try and push this time down as much as possible.

So where does Trijo news fit into this equation? Trijo News is standalone from Trijo Exchange. They had the idea of using it to promote the exchange from the get-go, but when they realized that the number of unbiased crypto news sites was quite low, they decided to run Trijo News as a separate business, making their own editorial decisions. With this being said, Trijo Exchange will, of course, publish ads on Trijo News, but these will be treated in the same way as any sponsored article bought by an external customer. 

There is a trend among start-ups and big companies to market their own products and projects through their own media channels. Löfström found that if he could utilize social media or set up his own news desk to create content for the consumers, he could build a brand and gain readers and business through re-target ads. 

Our goal with Trijo News is now to build a big audience on our news site. This will then give us a good chance of converting our readers to become users on our exchange.

They believe that this is an effective marketing tool, which costs them close to nothing because the news operation is at break even already.

Ready to launch

Building a trading platform takes time, and there is always going to be bumps on the road. Right now they are hoping that they will launch the exchange in a few weeks time, but with anticipation growing Totte reminds us that it is important not to be overly optimistic.