Reddit launches Community Points on Ethereum

By launching a competition for best scaling solution, Reddit has now revealed how they and their users, will make money in the future

Tether now transferring 1 billion on Ethereum daily

After surpassing ETH already in July 2017, USDT is now transferring over $1 billion each day on the Ethereum Network. That is more than twice the value ETH transfers daily.

Light Nite now has NFTs for in-game items

They will be utilizing the Liquid Network in order to issue non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for in-game items.

Everest, the new registry for decentralized projects.

“Everest is a universal registry of crypto projects curated by the community.”

The $ALEX Token may be the start of ISA with Crypto

“Five days later, he had sold for $20,000 among 30 participants.”

How to catch a crypto criminal

We spoke to the Head of Research at Chainalysis, to learn about how they assisted with the PlusToken manhunt!

Decentralized Finance – a series of centralized tools for individual financial sovereignty

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has been a sector of rapid growth over the past year. But is it safe? And is it even decentralized?


MakerDao allows you to trade, borrow and save using Oasis Trade. A…

Dune Analytics opens its doors to the public

Dune Analytics is a website where you can analyze, visualize and share blockchain data with others. We speak to co-founder and CEO, Fredrik Haga about the launch.