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In this weeks report by Arcane Research, they highlighted data from Blockchain Capital about bitcoin ownership.

Data from Blockchain Capital shows, that in the US, 16% of all young adults say that they held bitcoin. While the ownership rate of those above 65 years was at a low 2%.

These findings align with the pattern found in similar surveys in other countries such as Norway and Canada.

Blockchain Capital also researched the propensity to purchase bitcoin (likelihood of future ownership of bitcoin). Age bundling of these propensity results paints the same picture as with current ownership.

Comparing the results of 2017 to 2019, we discover that older adults are getting more open-minded towards bitcoin. The relative propensity increase among older respondents is high.

Arcane Research concluded that, “The amount of people aged 65 stating, that they are likely to hold bitcoin within 5 years doubled in the last two years. This may be an indicator towards a more diversified and widespread demographical adoption of bitcoin. ”

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