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Opera now supports its embedded ‘Wallet’ transactions with Bitcoin. That means you can easily use Bitcoin to pay for various services without leaving your browser.

The obvious benefit of using a built-in ‘Wallet’ in your browser, is that the user experience is much better than having to deal with different applications when shopping online. We recognize such integrations from products such as Google Pay and Apple Pay, but they only support transactions related to your bank card.

Focus area

Opera has chosen to seize the opportunities that lie in open blockchains by being one of the first to integrate a full-fledged ‘Wallet’.

The head of Opera’s crypto venture, Charles Hamel, tells Bitcoin Magazine that the browser is the ideal location for a wallet or payment solution.

“The browser is the front door to a lot of the user’s life”.

“This is where you consume content, make financial transactions and use social media. Being able to upload and download values ​​on all these user categories is very exciting. Opera is the only browser with this feature. “

Although the latest update, which allows for trading with Bitcoin, is only for Android users, Opera has previously shown that iOS will come soon after.

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