Trading on NBX is now open

Registered users can now buy Bitcoin with NOK on the Norwegian Block Exchange

Institutional players dive into crypto

What do HSBC, Franklin Templeton, Sparebanken Øst and VanEck have in common? They have all announced crypto projects and investments this week.

Meet Torbjørn Bull Jenssen, CEO of Arcane Crypto

In this interview Torbjørn talks about how he started in crypto, Arcane and the future for both the Lightning Network, cryptosceptics and the future of open blockchains.

Launch of loyalty card program that allows points to be traded in for bitcoin in Japan.

Tokyo based cryptoexchange BitFlyer and tech service Tpoint, launch loyalty program which allow loyalty points to be traded in for BTC and vice versa.

Norwegian Block Exchange opens its doors to test users

NBX has a close cooperation with the airline Norwegian, with its 40 million travelers a year.

Four ‘Killer apps” that will take Crypto into the Mainstream

The crypto market is still in need of ‘killer apps’. These are the apps that will make the mass market start to use crypto in scale.